Harun Rune – Daughters (Review)

[REVIEW] Harun Rune to release a brand new studio track: Daughters.

January 2021: Rap artist Harun Rune is definitely the kind of hip-hop performer who is out there with a thirst for innovation and integrity, delivering songs that are so easy to relate to, particularly due to his lyrical realness. The song actually features a sample of the band “Daughter,” a British indie outfit with a focus on creating shoegaze-inspired music, not unlike bands like Dead Rituals or Francis Moon.

With this song, Harun Rune created a really clever sample of some of Daughter’s music, and went for a nice old-school feel with a bit of a British-wave sound that has a warm tone. We really enjoy the sparseness and atmospheric depth of the instrumental, which really suits Harun’s vocal delivery to perfection. The samples are captured cleverly, and chopped up in such a way that the production acquired a really direct and one-of-a-kind feel, which doesn’t feel like just a borrowed loop, but something with a bit more heart and vision.

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Born and raised in London, UK Artist Harun Rune has seen much progress over the years. Harun studied art school as a junior to study film and photography. As well as being a photographer/model during London Fashion Week, Harun has performed alongside artists such as ‘Hardy Caprio’ and ‘Klashnekoff’ at The Jazz Cafe, London and has featured across numerous BBC Introducing shows. Harun has been working from Powerhouse and EMI studios to produce his most recent works and last year worked with Timeless to present collaborative works with various producers including Chicago Native ‘Bitoy Beatz’.

Harun expresses his intention to become an Icon for Peace, Love and Artistry through his Music. He is the self-proclaimed originator of alternative genre ‘CLOUDY’ which is an experimental fusion of sounds influenced by House & Garage, Cloud rap, Trip Hop, Psychedelic Rock and Blues.

Harun is about to embark on a number of new releases and we’d love to keep you up to date.