Harrison x Juicy M – LA Girls


Harrison x Juicy M – LA Girls:

Do you ever get tired of videos that feature the California sun, the crystal clear Pacific Ocean and the stunning women of LA? No? Good, because neither do we! With their new video for “LA Girls,” Harrison and Juicy M take this concept and makes it even more enticing than we thought possible.

Juicy M began her career in Ukraine as the resident DJ at a multitude of clubs, quickly expanding her footprint to include awards, international tours, and opening for artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Skrillex, and more. She blasted onto the mainstream scene in 2013, making a name for herself with her bootleg of Major Lazer’s “Watch Out For This (Bumaye).” She then leveraged that into beginning her own label, JUMPP RECORDS. Her hard work, stellar product, superior technical prowess, and unique infusion of hip-hop influences got her on the radar of Armada Music, who signed her up to their exceptional roster.

For the newest single, she’s teamed up with UK singer Harrison to lend a classic rock tilt to the new single. His gritty vocal delivery is chock full of swagger and attitude, even invoking some of the confident strut of 80s hair metal. Combining his pipes with the dynamic production of Juicy M, it’s a song that sweeps across the sonic and genre spectrum with reckless abandon!