Glorybots – Wrong (Review)

Glorybots - Wrong

Music review for the new single, ‘Wrong’ by Glorybots

Glorybots is a band with a focus on creating edgy and forward-thinking alternative music with a unique edge. Their sound is energetic and direct, but it also sports a nice organic quality to it, in the vein of artists as diverse as The Strokes, Mac De Marco and Arctic Monkeys.

Granted, Glorybots’ music does not necessarily sound like any of those artists, but there is something about that vibe, that spirit of freedom and upfront edge that really makes me think of those acts as well. Glorybots has recently been making some positive waves on the music scene with the release of a brand new studio single titled “Wrong.”

The release is all about combining stunning melodies with forward-thinking arrangements, which are always intelligent and natural-sounding, highlighting the true dynamics of Glorybots’ music and performance skills. If you like alternative music with a lot of personality and a slightly different edge, you should definitely enjoy this particular release, as well as more music from this band.

Find out more about Glorybots, and do not miss out on “Wrong,” which is currently available on the web.