Ghost in the Machine – Supernatural (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Supernatural’ released by Ghost in the Machine

The end of a year is always a fantastic time for new music, with such an amazing array of artists willing to hit their fans at the end of the year with some amazing new projects, as well as welcoming the new year with a lot of good music. Along with a string of amazing new recent releases, one of the most outstanding projects of the end-of-year period is definitely Supernatural, a brand new release by alternative recording artist Ghost In The Machine.

Ghost In The Machine makes music that swiftly defies the usual coordinates of the genre, going for a more direct and energetic approach, giving his sound a kaleidoscopic edge. The single will hit you with some timeless production aesthetics, as well as with an emotionally driven performance, which sets the bar higher in terms of passion and energy. There are so many amazing textures and some great production choices on this release, and everything seems to fall into place so seamlessly, giving this music a more personal twist.

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