Gareth Johnson – Rocket Love (Review)

Gareth Johnson - Rocket Love (Review)

Check out the Music Review for the new single, ‘Rocket Love’ released by Gareth Johnson

Gareth Johnson has just released his new single “Rocket Love”, a dynamic and engaging mix between R&B and classical music.

The artist got his start in the music industry as a professional violinist. His background in classical music has had a significant influence on his current music style. Gareth still uses the violin as the main instrument in his compositions. This creates a fascinating contrast with the electronic hip-hop feel in his music.

In “Rocket Love”, Gareth once again blurs the lines between classical and R&B. This approach to creating music is innovative and fresh. Gareth’s style is definitely a unique and distinctive presence in the music scene. This blend of musical influences is reminiscent of the likes of the English rock band Electric Light Orchestra. Gareth brings that same fascinating composition that’s just impossible to ignore.

The electronic soundscape in “Rocket Love” is lush and atmospheric. The arrangement is immersive. It’s impossible to stop listening once you hit play. The vintage synth sounds combined and catchy violin melody is absolutely unique. The modern production aesthetic brings everything together into a fresh new song.

Follow the link below to listen to “Rocket Love” and discover more about the artist!

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