Flamma – Alive

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Alive’ by the talented Flamma. This song is about the re-birth and resurrection of Flamma after a decade out of the rap game.


Flamma (short for ‘Flammable’) is a Fire-Fighter of Turkish Cypriot origin from North London. Ironically, the name ‘Flammable’ was chosen well before becoming a Fire-Fighter. Some may call it fate.

Unfortunately in his late teens, Flamma was stabbed by a gang of youths in a case of mistaken identity during postcode wars between Edmonton and Tottenham. Fortunate to survive, Flamma describes the incident on the track ‘Rise’. This experience changed him and his perception of life.

Although he continued to write music, the next decade was spent focusing on studying to graduate and training to become a Fire-Fighter. Now more stable and settled in life, he has a newfound hunger and urge to pick up from where he left off.

Flamma prides himself on flow and having depth to his lyrics. This is achieved through meaningful lyrics with the use of clever word-play and puns. At first you may not always catch these hidden gems due to the speed in which he delivers however, you will discover more with each listen.

Now much older, Flamma’s experiences in life have resulted in his performances being more truthful and raw. As he says, he has learnt to become ‘unapologetically me’