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BFA Flexx – Goonz That Dont Talk Shit

BFA Flexx proudly presents 'Goonz That Dont Talk Shit' BFA Flexx dropped a grimy drill classic with infamous bars. This track is sure to be...

Big Monii – On Stone

Big Monii presents his latest single, 'On Stone' Big Monii is a Ghanaian-born artist currently based in South Africa. "On Stone", basically saying "On God" but...

Realcityfame – The Overseas Connection ft. Tego Soul

Realcityfame introduces his brand new single release, 'The Overseas Connection' featuring Tego Soul Collaboration wbetween an independent Canadian artist/writer & an independent UK Artist. Rap/Hip Hop...

KGG – Huh?

KGG presenting the visuals for his new release: Huh? KGG is a young artist coming from Lexington, Kentucky. His new song "Huh?" showcases an aggressive...

R34L – Peekaboo (Ru’s Late to the Party Remix)

R34L presents exciting new single, 'Peekaboo' (Ru's Late to the Party Remix) Original track by R34L (Cason Trager & Sarah Hartman) Remix by Rü (Andrew...

Readey – Opinions

The official video for 'Opinions' by Readey. Produced by Trooh Hippi. Directed, filmed and edited by The Asphalt Cartel. Taken from the 'Pilgrimeage: Phase...

JP – Waves

JP: Back on the scene with a new hit: Waves  A new single with a focus on Grime vibes and other influences. Grime artist and producer...

Flamma – Alive

ArtistRack brings to you 'Alive' by the talented Flamma. This song is about the re-birth and resurrection of Flamma after a decade out of the...

JP – Maria

JP proudly presents exciting new single, 'Maria' JP is an 18 Year Old Singer/Rapper from The UK Bringing you the best Music with maximum flow and...

Twitty Carmichael – Come Back

Twitty Carmichael presenting exciting new single, 'Come Back' For someone I love FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM


Changing Tymz - Shark Attack

Changing Tymz – Shark Attack

Changing Tymz presenting the visuals for their latest single, 'Shark Attack' Greetings, my name is Tony Rossi I believe you will enjoy this inspiring video as...
Prima Apollinaare - Deeper In Love

Prima Apollinaare – Deeper In Love

Prima Apollinaare is back with a new song: "Deeper In Love". February 2023 - The first few months of a new year are always a...
Jade Ashtangini - 子猫のようなダンス (Piano Solo)

Jade Ashtangini – 子猫のようなダンス (Piano Solo)

Jade Ashtangini presenting new song - 子猫のようなダンス (Dance Like a Kitty) - Piano Solo This is by far the cutest solo piano piece I’ve ever...
King Flamma - So Gangsta

King Flamma – So Gangsta

King Flamma presenting his new single, 'So Gangsta' Business man,Rapper,Entrepreneur,Artist, Designer and Writer King Flamma is a direct descendent of King Wraagbai Flammai also known...
Nick Flannagin - Save Me

Nick Flannagin – Save Me

Nick Flannagin presents his new track, 'Save Me' taken off his second album (A.D.I.O.S 2.0).
Laurent Dé - Bolly House

Laurent Dé – Bolly House

Laurent Dé excited to present new single, 'Bolly House' Welcome to this carnavalesque track, where Bollywood meet House music, a festive and energic song that...
Persius - Paper Jayson

Persius – Paper Jayson

ArtistRack brings to you 'Paper Jayson' by Persius: Born and raised in Chicago, Persius has been a fan of a Hip Hop/Rap, since he was...
Musical Mindset - Worthy

Musical Mindset – Worthy

The name Musical Mindset came from the idea of engaging people from all angles – meditation, movement and holistic wellness. The purpose behind this...
Nathanial Zakovich - The Vampire

Nathanial Zakovich – The Vampire

Nathanial Zakovich presents, 'The Vampire' Nathanial Zakovich is an American pianist from Milwaukee Wisconsin experimenting in different styles and moods of contemporary piano music. The...
CrDnlSn - Ooh

CrDnlSn – Ooh

CrDnlSn presents, 'Ooh' "Got em lovin my Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh"! From the critically acclaimed album Porno 4 The Blind comes the latest smash single...
Prima Apollinaare - Believe

Prima Apollinaare – Believe

Prima Apollinaare presents: "Believe" February 2023 - Prima Apollinaare is an artist with a very broad-ranging sound and a unique creative twist. Her music could...
Dr8co - In the club

Dr8co – In the club

Dr8co drops his new single, 'In the club' Stick around for more ill be releasing new music every month. FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

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