Don Jovani – Man Of The House (Now Or Never) ft Dwayne Nate (Review)

Don Jovani - Man Of The House (Now Or Never) ft Dwayne Nate (Review)

Check out this review of the new single titled ‘Man Of The House (Now Or Never)’ by Don Jovani ft. Dwayne Nate

A new hip-hop single with a very open creative twist.

Don Jovani has just released the single “Man Of The House (Now Or Never)”. This track also features a collaboration with the talented Dwayne Nate, who set out to bring a really distinctive flow to the mix.

In this single, Don Jovani blurs the lines between hip-hop, techno, and pop, exploring a wide range of genre in a seamless and direct way. This open attitude makes Don Jovani’s music eclectic and unique, strong of a nice set of contrasts that really highlight his multi-faceted personality as an artist.

“Man Of The House (Now Or Never)” has a deeply rhythmic beat that reminds of the Biggie Smalls classic “Respect”. On top of this Don Jovani brings his signature witty and in your face lyrical style that is endlessly engaging. Don Jovani’s wordplay is clever and in-your-face, going for a really immediate style. His music makes us think of award-winning artists like Kendrick Lamar or Drake, albeit with a nice and direct feel.

You can listen to ‘Man Of The House (Now Or Never)’ by Don Jovani ft. Dwayne Nate here: