Don Gaucho – Déterminé

Don Gaucho presents the visuals for his new single, ‘Déterminé’

Don Gaucho is a committed and militant reggae-dancehall artist. The music he proposes is a sound «New Roots» (modern roots or reggae) and Dancehall very energetic and captivating. His texts are most often engaged but can also be lighter and more danceable. His fast flow, precise and intelligible, his low voice and his scenic energy make him an authentic and original singjay (mix of song and toast) and also make him an appreciated and recognized artist in the French sound-system world. He is also an artist who knows how to adapt since he can play with his group of musicians, as well as with a sound system (a DJ with his turntables/mixette) or even in accoustic while keeping the same energy and the same verve