DJ Peter Costello – Spring Mix 2019 (Review)

Peter Costello - Spring Mix 2019

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Spring Mix 2019’ released by Peter Costello

Peter Costello is back on the music scene with a brand new release, aptly titled “Spring Mix 2019.” This is the perfect way to greet the hot season: lush beats, ethereal soundscapes and energetic house / EDM tones throughout the whole duration of the mix!

This world-class production combines great melodies with punch and energetic groove patterns, bringing different house music currents under one roof.

This kaleidoscopic and multi-layered EDM production by Peter Costello takes the listener on a journey. It showcases just what is possible with a sick beat, raw talent and musical skills. This kind of attention to detail and careful labor of love is rare to find in the modern music industry. Many mainstream tracks are created overnight by a team of producers, and sometimes, personality gets lost along the way, especially in the house music world, where too many people fall into the same cliches. However, Peter brought his A-game to this mix, giving the song a lively attitude

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