Dinzy – I Wish

Dinzy excited to present the official music video for her new single, ‘I Wish’

Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

Dinzy sits alone on top of the world singing to her lost love as the universe swirls around her on the cover of her new single, “I Wish”. As the music lyric video opens with bright stars and cosmic bursts of pink and purple, Dinzy transports the listener taking them on an emotional ride floating through the vast atmosphere. She slowly strums the strings of the acoustic guitar as each string resonates beautifully echoing through space and time revealing a star system title.

Her silhouette appears over the milky way and in a trance, she begins to sing the opening lyric, “I need you I really do, you were the one to show me how I could be loved”. With a booming kick drum, the pre-chorus rumbles picking up speed in a frenzied striking hard, a new status quo takes place as Dinzy screams and the sky darkens with an ominous hue. As the song ramps up in an anxious climax, she bursts out, “I Wish I could be the one to save you like you wanted me to, but I can’t be your saving grace and It’s true, I still love you”. Catapulted back into a buoyant aerosphere while the electric guitar delays in a sonic serene reverberation, Dinzy levitates as her eyes and hair glow in shades of multi colors. She sings out mournfully, “But now I have to let you go, to save yourself, I’m left here talking to your ghost”. Dinzy is revealed dripping in prisms of rainbow holographic as bright metal neon tears pour from her eyes she sings, “All wanted was you alright, I never knew this was goodbye”. The acoustic guitar rings out once more as all the other instruments fade away and she steadily sings, “ And I’d do it all again if I could, and I promise to remember the good.” Violins break out in a glorious melodic swell as she dives into an interstellar wormhole in the final chorus escaping into infinity . Dinzy wipes a tear slowly from her face as the chorus rings out and she refrains, “I still love you”.

The single “I Wish” is available now on all music and streaming platforms. Be sure to catch the “I Wish” music lyric video premiering Friday June17th.