Dinzy – Hard Times

Nashville rock Artist Dinzy is releasing the music video of her latest single cover of Paramores “Hard Times”, featuring Davie Smith, on Saturday October 23rd..


“All that I want is to wake up fine”. Nashville artist Dinzy cries out the opening lyric as she stares up to the ceiling of her own metaphorical prison with newspaper clippings riddling the walls that surround her. She bouts in frustration spouting the lyrics originally composed by Hayley Williams years ago; lyrics which have a very different meaning in the world we live in today.

In this vivid and relevant music video, Dinzy joins forces with friend and fellow musician Davie Smith, paying homage to Paramore for their 2017 hit single, “Hard Times”. Teaming up again with Nashville’s premier videographers “Duendevision Productions”, Dinzy spirals down the rabbit hole illuminating the raw emotions surrounding the battle of mental health and wellness.

Dinzy is revealed, unhinged, emotionally restrained and alone while the camera flashes back to vibrant images of her dancing lively with a kindred spirit. Tensions rise as the images juxtapose in a struggle to break her free. Suddenly the musical bridge drops with a remarkable shift in energy, she coolly grips the wheel and is painted by a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colors. Stoic and with a heavy aspiration, Dinzy accelerates full speed ahead with her hair in the wind as she focuses on the road to freedom.

“Hard Times” is a grasp from humanity in attempts to keep or find some familiarity, comfort and sanity while clutching to the hope of a new beginning and a promised future.

The single “Hard times” is available now on all music and streaming platforms. Be sure to catch the “Hard Times” music video premiering Saturday October 23rd.