Denis Kozlica – Wherever You Go (Review)

Denis Kozlica - Wherever You Go (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Denis Kozlica presents: Wherever You Go

Denis Kozlica is an artist and producer who recently released a brand new studio album: Wherever You Go. This astonishing release features songs that are incredibly diverse, yet consistent and charming, giving the audience a great taste of the artist’s flow and remarkable creative vision. As a music composer, Denis actually showcases a very intriguing style. He is highly proficient at a wide range of creative ideas, and his songs blur the lines between such a huge range of sounds and influences. At times, his instrumentals have a more contemporary feel. However, he also knows about the roots of the genre, and he is keen on looking back on some hot sounds with a bit of a retro twist. More importantly, every sound in the mix is utterly balanced and spot-on, allowing Denis to take his instrumental tracks to a different level and cater to the audience with a special flow and a unique vibe that’s spontaneous and diverse. Denis definitely needs to team up with some artists for his amazing instrumentals!

Find out more about this talented artist, and check out this groundbreaking new release, which is currently available on Bandcamp.