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Em D Jay – Beach Party

Em D Jay presents his new track, 'Beach Party' taken off his full album: Cinema Vérité eM.D.Jay has spent over three decades in the music...

Hetchy – Gemini

Hetchy introducing brand new song release: Stream Entry Taken from the full-length album “Gemini” October 2020 - Hetchy is a recording artist and music producer with...

Big O – A New Day (Instrumental Version)

Stream the new album from Big O, "A New Day (Instrumental Version)." The album serves as an instrumental version of the collaboration album with...

Bruce Nowlin – 3rd Dimension

New release: 3rd Dimension by Bruce Nowlin From the musically diverse mind of Bruce Nowlin comes hints at the eclectic far ranging album titled 3rd...

Jordan E. Spivack – Jump For You (Review)

Music Review for the single 'Jump For You' by Jordan E. Spivack August 2020 - Recording artist Jordan E. Spivack loves to make music that...

Jordan E. Spivack – Jump For You

Jordan E. Spivack is back with the release of his new single, 'Jump For You' Jordan E. Spivack: I'm an award-winning performer/composer/lyricist/arranger/producer living in Nanuet,...

Miko Creed – Forgotten Love

Miko Creed presents his latest track, 'Forgotten Love' Miko Creed is a latino artist from Florida https://open.spotify.com/track/3OPxBHDh5lvdwuWss4X9gL?si=jl7PelPyRNqSPpWDkqSqog PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

H.S. Botha – Follow The White Rabbit

H.S. Botha presents his latest release: Follow The White Rabbit Sean is a South African born sound artist, composer & performer. He creates sound experiences...

Milo Evans Jr – BraveHeart (Ways To Go)

Milo Evans Jr. is back on the scene with a new composition: BraveHeart. An excellent instrumental piece, taken from the album “Ways To Go.” July 2020...

Drac The Bat – Deep Transit

Check out Drac The Bat’s fresh debut “Deep Transit”.  Drac The Bat, also known as Dalton Hall, is a 19-year-old musician and producer based in...


Novaro - Te Lo Dije

Novaro – Te Lo Dije

Do not miss out on listening to Novaro's brand new album, 'Te Lo Dije.' Now available online Te Lo Dije, Es lo Nuevo de...
215Hommicide - Defund12

215Hommicide – Defund12

215Hommicide introducing a new single: Defund12, released under his own label 2819LTD Hip-hop with an old-school flair. November 2020 - 215Hommicide from the North side of Philly...
Mariannah y Diego - La Esperanza del Mundo

Mariannah y Diego – La Esperanza del Mundo

Mariannah y Diego announce the release of their new single, 'La Esperanza del Mundo' Mariannah and Diego (MYD) is a Christian music duo with an...
Stephan M - Living on the Prayer

Stephan M – Living on the Prayer

Stephan M proudly presenting his new release, 'Living on the Prayer' Modern funky house cover of 80's classic by Bon Jovi. Feel good music at...
Yvalain & Juha Hintikka - Vigil

Yvalain & Juha Hintikka – Vigil

Yvalain & Juha Hintikka proudly present their new festive song, 'Vigil' A serene and uplifting instrumental song for winter and Christmas time. Introducing Juha Hintikka...
Matt Roxyn - Lost in your Eyes

Matt Roxyn – Lost in your Eyes

Young artist Matt Roxyn drops his exciting new single, 'Lost in your Eyes' Matt is 13 years old - crazy how he is making music...
Omo Phola - Show Me Love

Omo Phola – Show Me Love

Omo Phola introducing his brand new single release, 'Show Me Love' Phillip oshoageme orgihator aka boiphill baby super star 🌟 known as (Omo Phola) as...
Qu!nn - $endin' $hots (feat. Korey Kruise)

Qu!nn – $endin’ $hots (feat. Korey Kruise)

Qu!nn links up with upandcoming rapper Korey Kruise to deliver his new single $endin' $hots! Out now, EVERYWHERE! https://open.spotify.com/track/2NopCVOevU2Tw7SnAAieXB?si=Duj0MvFGS1y7lcVjuyMWyw FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Wise Professor Surgeon Bright

Skank-Ass Melania & Wise Professor Surgeon Bright – Dear 45, It’s Just Locker Room...

Dear 45, It's Just Locker Room Talk (Excuse My French) by Skank-Ass Melania & Wise Professor Surgeon Bright This Song is just Sensational... add it...
Tommii - BAD

Tommii – BAD

Australia based hip hop artist Tommii, has just dropped his new single 'BAD' BAD IS OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS!! BLOW THIS ONE UP!!! https://open.spotify.com/track/0n6qstZCOkBYUEiUkFm72O?si=1JKw2qyPS3SwDE30sf9tFg
Ant Lauren Ft Flash - Tell Me

Ant Lauren Ft Flash – Tell Me

Check out the visuals for, 'Tell Me' the latest by track by Ant Lauren Featuring Flash  Ant Lauren & Flash collab together in this pop...
HeartBreak Bonez - War Dance

HeartBreak Bonez – War Dance

HeartBreak Bonez presents his latest single, 'War Dance' I actually wrote this before the pandemic and everyone were wearing mask. This was just one of...

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