Delbert Defonico – You Say What

Delbert Defonico - You Say What

Delbert Defonico prouldy presents, ‘You Say What’

Delbert Defonico played in high school bands and was awarded a full ride scholarship to Vincennes University in their music program, he bounced from college to college and eventually left school to pursue a career in music, touring the United States in numerous bands: Celebration, Ocean, Long Distance, Crackers,White Deluxe, and Cornfield Mafia. He played country and rock, but his introduction to jazz at an early age began a love affair he’s had for over five decades. He left the road behind, continuing to kindle his passion for jazz, pursuing interests on the other side of the keyboard in producing, composing and songwriting. Defonico’s sound pays homage to all of the genres he’s played over the years, but the jazz overtones interwoven throughout his music is a testament to his true love.