Dead Till Dark – Restless Heart



Dead Till Dark – Restless Heart: From the concrete and cornfield’s of the mighty Midwest emerge Dead Till Dark a hard-rock quartet from Springfield, IL. Fusing updated elements with the tried and true Rock n’ Roll formula, DTD have quickly risen to the top of the List of Bands to Watch in 2016. With their new single, “Restless Heart,” the band has touched into the emotional nerve of wanderlust that drives so many artists into band life to begin with.

Since their recent inception in 2015, DTD (Tommy Hart, Thomas Michael Montgomery, Danny Gunn, Micheal Neal & Larz Cothren)have performed regularly throughout the Midwest to continuously positive reviews with some of the biggest names in multiple genres of the Rock field, including Trapt, Black Stone Cherry, LA Guns, Saliva, Another Lost Year, HEDpe, Sons of Texas and many more.. 2015 also saw the band’s first single “Restless Heart” receive substantial airplay in markets all across the Midwest, earning them a partnership with Pavement Entertainment.