DaVion Luv – Feenin’ (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Feenin’’ released by DaVion Luv

 A deep and sultry song with some neo-soul and R&B vibes.

 DaVion Luv just released a new, exciting single titled “Feenin’.”

The track immediately begins with a lush, darker atmosphere that has some amazing textures. The synth tones are beautiful and modern, yet the underlying melody is simple. The beat kicks in soon after with a deep kick, driving the rhythm. DaVion’s vocals are deep and sultry, almost having a baritone feel with the depth of his voice. The song’s lyrics are romantic, filled with longing and passion. The song grows in intensity as the beat moves along, with a cool snare pattern and some amazing melodies in the background. There is also a cool layer of vocal harmonies, bringing some extra depth to the mix and performing with passion and intensity. At the start of the second verse, the rhythm takes a step back to the minimalism of just having a kick and some background textures, only to explode again at full range in the next chorus.

All in all, everything about this release is totally spot-on. From the beautiful sound of the production to the lyrics and ultimately, DaVion’s outstanding vocals, anything goes!

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