Daggerplay – Ghosts

Daggerplay - Ghosts

Helsinki based Daggerplay has released their second single and video Ghosts from their upcoming album.

While the first single One Mile Town, released last autumn, was a perfect example of straight-forward punk rock, Ghosts presents the band’s sound on a wider scale. The tune’s groove and melody combined with the familiar guitar-led punk rock offers exactly what the band describes themselves as: a combination of traditional rock’n’roll, old school punk rock and retro pop. Pekko Mantzin, the vocalist and the guitarist of Daggerplay, describes the song as follows:

– To start with, we thought about releasing this tune in the spring as spring is mentioned in the lyrics, too. Many of our songs deal with problems to do with mental health, substance abuse and loneliness and we are using similar themes in this song, too. The main point of the song is, however, in keeping the faith and hope alive and overcoming the demons inside one’s head. In
short, not giving up.

Daggerplay was founded in 2011 and released its debut album Urban Campfire Songs in 2013. Since then the band has continuously played gigs while working on new material. In summer 2016 Daggerplay recorded 15 new songs for its upcoming second album at East Sound Studios in Helsinki. Both, Ghosts and One Mile Town, give a taste of the new album, which will be released late in the year 2017.