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Daggerplay – Don´t Give Up

"Don't Give Up" is the fifth single and video from Daggerplay´s second studio album "Subterranean Reality" which was released on October 2018. Get 'Subterranean Reality'...

Daggerplay – Subterranean Reality

Finnish punk rock'n'rollers Daggerplay have released their second studio album titled 'Subterranean Reality'. The album features fourteen tracks of their unique fusion of punk rock,...

Daggerplay – Cruel Wind Blowing

Daggerplay - Cruel Wind Blowing: Daggerplay Release New Single, Cruel Wind Blowing Helsinki punks Daggerplay end 2017 with a bang with the release of new single...

Daggerplay – Afterlife

Daggerplay - Afterlife: "Afterlife" is the third single from Daggerplay's upcoming album, released in the end of August 2017. Daggerplay is a Finnish punk rock´n´roll band...

Daggerplay – Ghosts

Helsinki based Daggerplay has released their second single and video Ghosts from their upcoming album. While the first single One Mile Town, released last autumn,...

Daggerplay – Ghosts

  Daggerplay is a punk rock´n´roll band from Helsinki, Finland and 'Ghosts' is a second single from their upcoming album which will be released in...

Daggerplay – One Mile Town

Daggerplay - One Mile Town: A four piece rock´n´roll band from Helsinki, Finland influenced by punk rock, 50´s & 60´s rock´n´roll & vintage pop. ´One Mile...

Daggerplay – Urban Campfire Songs

Daggerplay - Urban Campfire Songs: A Helsinki-based rock´n´roll band influenced by punk rock, 50´s & 60´s rock´n´roll & pop, country, rockabilly & hard rock. The self-released debut album "URBAN CAMPFIRE SONGS" was released in September 2013. Single "Forest Hills / Ruhkarannan juhannus 1976" was released in the spring 2014.


K-Syran - Red Dream

K-Syran – Red Dream

K-Syran announces the release of her brand new single, 'Red Dream' Multi-talented, international star, K-Syran, is a wonder woman who’ll blow your mind. With x2...
Charlie Bucklez - BucklezKakarotto

Charlie Bucklez – BucklezKakarotto

Charlie Bucklez introducing brand new single release, BucklezKakarotto May 2020 - Charlie Bucklez is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating innovative and...
A.N.T - Blind Sighted

A.N.T – Blind Sighted

Rap artist A.N.T. is back on the scene with a brand new track: Blind Sighted  May 2020 - They say that Portland, OR, is home...
Genuwine Beauty - Sin City ft Gemini Salter

Genuwine Beauty – Sin City ft Gemini Salter

Genuwine Beauty drops her latest single, 'Sin City' featuring Gemini Salter Hot new lgbt summer single of upcoming transgender lesbian rapper genuwinebeauty with the sound...
Xposed Xotics - Xposed

Xposed Xotics – Xposed

Xposed Xotics introducing new single: Xposed. May 2020 - Xposed Xotics is a recording duo based in Australia consisting of Persia Cienna and Sapphire Cienna....
Bruce Nowlin - Quit You

Bruce Nowlin – Quit You

Bruce Nowlin proudly presents his new release, 'Quit You' Bruce Nowlin's love for music started at an early age. His father was a fan of...
Scott Elk - Mad In Love

Scott Elk – Mad In Love

Brand new single, 'Mad In Love' by Scott Elk Mad In Love written by Scott Elk and Barry Habib details a powerful story about a...
Omgwavy - Harder

Omgwavy – Harder

Omgwavy announces the release of his brand new single, 'Harder' “Harder” is about a young artist grinding his way to success. “I put it on...
Mark Ambuter - Let’s Go Home

Mark Ambuter – Let’s Go Home

Let’s Go Home - Words and Music by Mark Ambuter Mark Ambuter... Lead & Backing Vocals Stuart Epps... Guitars, Keyboards, Drums Clive Franks... Bass Juliet Epps... Backing Vocals When...
Kevin Silvester - Dear 16 Year Old Me

Kevin Silvester – Dear 16 Year Old Me

Kevin Silvester proudly presents his latest song, 'Dear 16 Year Old Me' Melbourne producer, DJ, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Silvester is an electronic act, combining...
Lights Out Crew - Caan Stop We

Lights Out Crew – Caan Stop We

Check out the new song, 'Caan Stop We' by Lights Out Crew Lights Out Crew is a Father and Son duo based in Baltimore, Maryland....
XIX - Rockstar

XIX – Rockstar

XIX proudly present their new song, 'Rockstar' Vancouver BC Based Alternative Rock Band. Testing All Genres This Rock Band Aims To Please With Catchy Riffs And An...

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