Cherry-Ilex – Forever (Review)

Cherry-Ilex - Forever (Review)

Music Review for the newly released single, ‘Forever’ by Cherry-Ilex

June 2020 – Artist and songwriter Cherry-llex is no stranger to amazing R&B music with a distinctive twist. Recently, the artist came out with a new song titled “Forever,” which actually sets the bar higher for the performer, because it highlights Cherry-llex’s ability to connect with the audience through some genuine melodies and timeless songwriting chops.

The track begins with a smooth introduction, which leads right into the verses with a soaring melody. The song really takes flights as soon as it hits the climax of the choruses, with layered vocal parts and more dynamics falling into place. The arrangement is executed expertly, allowing the verses more room to breathe while also following suit with some incredible musical payoffs, which give the listeners a galvanizing experience and a fantastic emotional release.

If you are a fan of great modern R&B, this one is definitely going to be for you.

Find out more about Cherry-Ilex and do not miss out on “Forever,” which you are going to be able to find on streaming platforms online from 6/30/20

You can listen to the song here: