Caren Kares – Memories (Of what you said to me)

Caren Kares introducing a new single: Memories (Of what you said to me)

January 2021 – Caren Kares is a singer and songwriter who makes music that has a strong emotional touch. She focuses on creating beautiful songs that talk about her feelings, and create an honest portrait of her as a person, and artist. Her most recent single is a track titled “Memories (Of what you said to me),” which feels like a truly astonishing combination of jazz and other influences.

Fans of artists such as Toni Braxton, Sade, and Ella Fitzgerald will be pleased with this beautiful song, which showcases so much character and a unique approach to melodic songwriting. “Memories (Of what you said to me)” is ultimately a really good introduction to Caren’s music, and it is a great example of her vocal prowess and her ability to genuinely connect with her audience through her stories, words, and poetic phrasings. The production is amazing as well, highlighting the artist’s cohesiveness and passion. She arguably cares a lot about music, and has made a point to release the best possible recording.

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