Bruce Nowlin – Lean On

Bruce Nowlin’s latest album titled Reflections certainly has given people a chance to reflect on his music. Bruce’s first single from the Reflections album titled “Lean On” is quickly climbing music charts around the world and it has already become one of Bruce’s top hits. Very likely, by the time this writing goes live “Lean On” may well be his top song of all time. “Lean On” is making waves around the world and the song could very well find its place in the books next to Bruce’s other top songs, “John 3:16” and “You’re The One” both of which became major hits for Bruce.

If you are unfamiliar with the music of Bruce Nowlin, his styling is somewhere between the likes of Abba and ZZ Top (R.I.P. Dusty Hill). I say Abba to ZZ Top because his music defies any specific genre. “John 3:16” can best be described as something between early Pink Floyd and Enigma blended with a touch of Jimmy Buffet. “You’re The One” is something akin to an 80’s love ballad blended with a touch of Enya and a little Jackson Brown. His latest masterpiece “Lean On” comes full circle and has a little hip-hop rhythm and his signature piano playing. If you haven’t listened to anything by Bruce Nowlin and you like your music without someone’s out-of-tune singing being corrected via AutoTune you should definitely give your ears some relief and check him out.