Big V – Being.In.Golds.Vision (Review)

Big V - Being.In.Golds.Vision (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album, ‘Being.In.Golds.Vision ‘ released by Big V 

 An album that’s loaded with meaning and groundbreaking sonic ideas.

Hip-Hop artist Big V is one of those rare talents who combine great production aesthetics with a lot of meaning and purpose. His most recent studio release is a project named Being.In.Golds.Vision.

This stunning full-length album features insightful lyrics and catchy beats, combining outstanding production aesthetics with next-level songwriting skills. This isn’t your average hip-hop release, but rather a collection of songs loaded with passion, dedication and quality storytelling.

This album will please fans of old-school hip-hop, but it will also be your cup of tea if you are into the more modern end of the genre. When so much creativity and intelligence goes into creating music, there are no limits to the number of possibilities!

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