Beth Joy – In My Nature

ArtistRack brings to you ‘In My Nature’ by Beth Joy:

Influenced by artists from around the world and throughout time, Beth Joy (stage name for singer/songwriter/pianist/composer Elizabeth Collis) writes music that both intentionally and instinctually bends genres. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, she gravitated toward vocal performance at a very young age and learned to play multiple instruments. She started writing and performing her own music and was introduced to the Minneapolis music scene at 15 years of age, and she moved there immediately after graduating high school. There she continued to perform and write before shifting her energy to raising children.

In 2019, she reclaimed her love for piano, composing multiple neoclassical pieces and writing accompaniment to her songs written over the decades as well as several new projects. She started learning music production in late 2021 and started collaborating with multiple artists and producers in 2022. Her debut vocal single is scheduled for release in 2023 with several vocal and instrumental projects to follow.

In My Nature
Written by Elizabeth Collis, Masaki Araya, & Melvin J. Woolfolk
Produced by Class M & Beth Joy
Lead & backing vocals by Beth Joy
All instruments by Masaki Araya
Vocal arrangements by Masaki Araya & Beth Joy
Instrumental arrangements by Masaki Araya
Mixed by Masaki Araya (