AZûRE – Unsainted (Review)

Check out this music review of, ‘Unsainted’ a cover version by AZûRE

AZûRE is an artist with a focus on creating groundbreaking music, which transcend genre barriers and other definitions. Recently, AZûRE released a cover version of Slipknot’s most recent release, “Unsainted.”

The song marks the long-awaited return to the music scene by the heavy band. The original song has a massive sound, with hard-hitting vocals, pounding drums and ferocious guitar tones. However, AZûRE’s version brilliantly set out to offer a new interpretation of this track. With this release, AZûRE managed to explore the song’s pure melody, and the amazing harmonic layers really shine, particularly due the fact that the piano arrangement is so pristine. The vocals kick in towards the end of the track, since most of the cover is actually instrumental. The synths, as well as the keys, lock in perfectly well with the drums.

It’s amazing to hear artists who offer a dramatic reinvention of a song, and in this case, AZûRE did a really amazing job at exploring a whole new outlook on this release

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