ArtistRack reviews ‘Ballade Pour’ by Dobie

ArtistRack reviews 'Ballade Pour' by Dobie

ArtistRack reviews ‘Ballade Pour’ by Dobie:

Dobie has officially released their signature single “Ballade Pour” that has just broke the airwaves with a complimentary video that touches upon all musical facets. The looping effects are utilized in a succinct manner to the overall poignant qualities of the music while remaining both precise and sharp.  These mechanisms were pieced together in an in ordinary fashion that processed many multilayered elements into one solitary piece.  This was complimented by an arpeggiated tightened bass performance that underlie all of the other instruments while maintaining a succinct identity within the contemporary mix. The inherent meaning through the songwriting pertains to hurt that is disassociated with love and romanticism. The tempo variations through the subset of automated FX almost acted as a live performance for the listening audience and conveyed Dobie’s master craftsmanship behind the mixing board in the engineering domain. The powerful kick drums retain the instrumental’s uniformity and is consistent throughout the track’s duration while sustaining an insurmountable of consideration. The drops on this EDM joint were well-timed, precise and provided a natural progression of liveliness that transcends the traditional descriptions of electronic music. The lead vocals project powerfully with heavy processing and delayed effects to widen the melodies while the reverberation provided a considerable amount of spaciousness within the composition without overcrowding the minute aspects of the single. In addition, @ 2:30 the song breaks down with lush synthesizers and an accented shift of attitude accompanied by high frequency harmonic piano chords. Check out “Ballade Pour” if you want to ride the new wave of electronic music sweeping the international landscape.



Ballade Pour Lyrics:

If I give love a try
Sometimes I still would wonder why
See my heart is filled with hurt
I fear it’s all that I’m worth

Darkness finds me at night
And in the day, there is no light
After so many wrong turns
How to love I have yet to learn

Never known love like you
Nothing real, nothing true
I don’t know what to do
I’m so afraid you’ll hurt me too

Hidden within the pain
Are all my tears that fall like rain
I always end up alone

If I give love a try
Sometimes I still would wonder why
See my heart is filled with hurt
I fear it’s all that I’m worth

Don’t know what to do, what to say
Should I run or walk away
Should I go; should I stay
Is this the price I have to pay