Amusin’ Projects – Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2 (Review)

Amusin' Projects - Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2 (Review)

Amusin’ Projects presents Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2

Amusin’ Projects has just dropped a stellar new release, “Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2”. 

In this new hip-hop EP, Amusin’ Projects experiments with the structure, style, and performance of each track. The first song “Lovedown” features NES. It kicks-off with a jazz-inspired piano melody that immediately challenges the listener’s expectations when coming to a rap release. 

Following this track, “First Term Test” with C_loud brings a more chilled and laid-back vibe to the EP. This song recalls the atmospheric vibe from lo-fi beats artists such as Eevee and Idealism. 

“Hip Hop in the Record Shop” with Kato, takes the release in a completely new direction. It has an upbeat energy and more of a direct rap flow, that keeps the listener on their toes. 

“Phantomwise” featuring Mr Tav has a balanced and complex production aesthetic that showcases Amusin’ Projects experience in the industry. This track has a fascinating story that you can’t help but play on repeat to peel back the lyrical layers. 

Lastly, “Bring Back the Meaning in Rap” with Simone Romani, features Amusin’ Projects signature songwriting, production style, and musical creativity. This last song definitely finishes the EP on a high. 

Don’t forget to check out “Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2” on Spotify at the link below!