Amusin’ Projects – Mistery in the Making, Vol. 1 – EP (Review)

Amusin' Projects - Mistery in the Making, Vol. 1 - EP (Review)

Check out this music review of the new EP, ‘Mystery in the Making, Vol.1’ released by Amusin’ Projects

Amusin’ Projects is all about tackling the hip-hop genre with a very diverse approach. This project teamed up with various producers on several tracks, to release a brand new EP titled “Mystery in the Making, Vol.1.”

The project features 7 songs, and each track is spiced up with the flair and flavor of different producers. The talented Stefano Segatori, for instance, contributed with two excellent tracks: the opener, “Stats of Hallucination,” as well as an instrumental version of the latter to wrap it all up! There are many outstanding moments on this release, including DaNot’s fascinating “Poe-Try Slam.” as well as Kato’s “A Chronic Disease,” which truly hits the mark with a Spontaneous groove.

All in all, this release is filled with striking musical highlights, and a vibrant flow of music.

This powerful collection of songs. Find out more about this release, and do not miss out on “Mystery in the Making, Vol.1 (EP)” as well as other releases from these talented producers.