Amanda Lynne – Does It Get Lonely (Review)

Amanda Lynne - Does It Get Lonely

Check out this music review of the new album titled ‘Does It Get Lonely’ released by Amanda Lynne 

Amanda Lynne is a singer from Baltimore, MD. She recently released a brand new single titled “Does It Get Lonely” – A track that combines personal lyrics with heartfelt thoughts and beautiful melodies. “Does It Get Lonely” is a stunning combination of R&B, Soul and Pop, blinking an eye to artists as diverse as Macy Grey, Al Green, Josh Stone or Leona Lewis, only to mention but a few.

The track is fuelled by Amanda’s stunning ability to deliver heartfelt and emotional lyrics, while retaining a really powerful sense of intuitiveness and spontaneity. Amanda can really connect with her listeners on a really personal and intimate level, and this song speaks straight to the heart, even going as far as showcasing various layers of emotional fragility. This beautiful song is very thought-provoking and emotional indeed, but it is also very appealing, with an infectious and sultry groove that will certainly make you want to move to the rhythm and really experience the song.

In addition to that, Amanda is really aware of the full range of her voice, and she certainly knows how to make the most of it!

Find out more about Amanda Lynne’s music, and do not miss out on “Does It Get Lonely”, which is currently available online via Spotify here