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James Douglas Cooper – Silence Is Golden

'Silence Is Golden' is James Douglas Cooper's first soft rock single in 8 years. The song was recorded and produced by Cooper in his...

Jennifer Truesdale – Thinking of You

Jennifer Truesdale presents her new song, 'Thinking of You' "With a bluesy hue over her vocal and the adjacent grooves that complement her every verse,...

Violette – EOS

Violette drops the visuals for her new single, 'EOS' Violette Remington is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Orange County, California. She comes from a...

Jessica Staples – Pieces of a Woman

Jessica Staples drops her new single release, 'Pieces of a Woman' Jessica Staples is a black queer artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her song “Pieces of...

Leo Harmonay – The Irony Of Love

Leo Harmonay presents his latest track, 'The Irony Of Love' Leo Harmonay is a singer songwriter from New York’s Hudson Valley who writes soulful melodies...

Jennifer Truesdale – My Life

Jennifer Truesdale presents her song, 'My Life' taken off her full album: Through the Circle "Through the Circle is one of the most complete efforts...

Mark Andrew Hansen – Love Horizons

Award-winning Australian Pianist Mark Andrew Hansen again teams up with Los Angeles based singer Jes Hudak on his uplifting love song “Love Horizons”. In...

Mark Andrew Hansen – Love Enough

Mark Andrew Hansen returns with the release of his new single, 'Love Enough' Award-winning Australian Pianist Mark Andrew Hansen again teams up with Los Angeles...

Timothy Ray – Dancing In The Kitchen

Singer/Songwriter Timothy Ray introduces his excellent new single, 'Dancing In The Kitchen' Easy pop music written for a 10th anniversary. Clean lyrics and laid back...

The K – The K = La K de Karla

The K presents her new album release, 'The K = La K de Karla' My name is Karla M. Figueroa Ramos, known by the stage...


Hannah & April Zhan – Theme “Schindler’s List” Violin Piano Duet

Notes of Hope perform John William's "Theme from Schindler's List" at Groundworks, performing as Notes of hope is April Zhang and Hannah Zhang Hannah, 15...
Dev Maserati - Come And Go

Dev Maserati – Come And Go

Dev Maserati drops the visuals for his new single, 'Come And Go' Up and coming artist from the Bronx New York Tryna make it by...
Lucy Ghavalli - Intuition (Part 1)

Lucy Ghavalli – Intuition (Part 1)

Check out the latest visuals for Lucy Ghavalli’s song “Intuition” Detroit has been the home of many big artists such as Eminem, Big Sean, Dej...
Magic Charm - Ronaldo

Magic Charm – Ronaldo

Magic Charm announces the release of his new single, 'Ronaldo' Mr. Ekwueme Ezeudo known as Magic Charm is a music Artist and a Songwriter Genre: Afro...
ItzDupe - Spiral Bound Dreams

ItzDupe – Spiral Bound Dreams

ItzDupe proudly presents his new album release, 'Spiral Bound Dreams' Rapper and Producer from Detroit, Michigan. Created this entire 16 track album about doubts, dreams...
Officially Legal - Falling

Officially Legal – Falling

Officially Legal drops his exciting new single, 'Falling' I am an Afrobeat artist bases in New Jersey https://open.spotify.com/track/6LzG3QY2Cquf3yMui9FBAS?si=pEVbXecyTDOCoqFyY0_bZg PURCHASE HERE
Gabe Gizz - Let It Go

Gabe Gizz – Let It Go

Let It Go by Gabe Gizz New single by Gabe Gizz to start 2021. Song was written years ago and was recently reimagined into the...
C-DUBB - Still In My Bag

C-DUBB – Still In My Bag

C-DUBB presenting his new release, 'Still In My Bag' "Still in my bag" is the title track on C-Dubb's 56th! Release " Still in my...

Priz Em – Heartless

Latest release, 'Heartless' by Priz Em Priz Em virtual Diva was created to captivate all who witness her. Her sultry blend of husky tones and catchy...
Sumi - No More

Sumi – No More

Sumi introducing his new single release, 'No More' No More is undoubtedly the most famous song by the Swiss music producer "Sumi". The song hit...
Lil Bash S2BR - Save Me

Lil Bash S2BR – Save Me

Lil Bash S2BR presents his latest single release, 'Save Me' Lil Bash S2BR Save Me Track explaining how he wants to make it out of...
Jules Clay - Straight Faces

Jules Clay – Straight Faces

Buffalo emcee, Jules Clay releases his new single , “Straight Faces”. https://open.spotify.com/track/159JZvLkTedTBBIiphY5BM?si=zcle_vJlQYOWuJ-7jMsAow PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

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