ALKALIMETRY – Words get in the way

Introducing: “Words Get In The Way”, an upcoming release by ALKALIMETRY.

December 2021 – ArALKALIMETRY is a duo consisting of Patricio Bruno (vocals, bass, keys) and Ryan Hamilton (guitars, vocals). Not only are they both producers and songwriters, but they are also partners in life and love as a couple.

The pair has recently announced a brand new studio release: “Words Get In The Way”. This song is in line with the artist’s distinctive approach, an outlook on music that makes him stand out from other songwriters out there.

“Words Get In The Way” is a perfect example of what I am talking about. This is an amazing cover of Gloria Esfetan, but ALKALIMETRY has developed a different approach to the duo’s music, which highlights the pair’s ability to capture the more melodic elements of the genre, while never compromising in terms of energy and vibe. This song in particular feels like a really insightful outlook on life, with a more personal and sometimes introspective vibe. At times, words truly do get in the way, and it is not always easy to find the best way to express yourself fully.

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