Alisonus – You Uplift Me

Alisonus presenting new single, ‘You Uplift Me’

You uplift me is a song about someone having a dream but nobody believes in you except one special person that helps you achieve your dream. No one else has faith in you, they never support you ,they think you are wrong until one day, they see that your dreams are finally coming true, that is when they want to come around to your beliefs and your way of thinking, and now they want to support you. The story to this song is never give up your hopes and dreams no matter what anyone tries to do to prove you wrong. Show them you you can do it, you can succeed, and prove them wrong, despite the ups and downs of life, you can make it only if you try.
My name is Alison Evans aka Alisonus from Clydach, Swansea UK I am a member of a multi-talented reggae rock and reggae fusion band called Maiden Voyage, consisting of myself, Rebai Uhuru, and Mr. C (Former member) and i am here to tell you this, Just be strong and keep doing what your dreams tell you.