Alison Fleming – Girlfriend (Review)

Alison Fleming - Girlfriend (Review)

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An alternative music artist that still retain a catchy and energetic side with a lot of focus.

Alison Fleming is a musical artist with a focus on a spontaneous, earnest and direct blend of alternative songwriting, which cleverly blurs the lines between different genres. By keeping her creativity so open-ended, Alison is able to craft a really vibrant and spontaneous sound, making for a unique twist. A great example? Her brand new release, “Girlfriend,” will certainly give you a perfect idea of what to expect from this talented artist and songwriter.

Alison’s music could be described as swiftly alternative, although her tone has a lot of depth, integrity and charisma. She is a rare talent, who is able to convey her emotions through music, and create a song that listeners can truly relate to with ease. Last, but decidedly not least, the production of this release is certainly worthy of being mentioned. The sound of “Girlfriend” is very organic and seamless, pushing away from excessive studio trickery, and allowing Alison to fully showcase her voice and personality to her fans and audience. There is something special about her approach to songwriter, and you can easily connect with her while listening to her music, almost like listening an old friend telling you about her life! This special blend of connection between the artist and the listener is certainly what makes this track very special, and we are looking forward to learn more about Alison and see what’s in store for her career and musical future!

You can listen to ‘Girlfriend’ by Alison Fleming here


Alison Fleming is an English songwriter, originally from Bramham (home to iconic Leeds Festival) Yorkshire and now living in the United States. Her creative lent is a fusion of genres, the likes of experimental pop, art rock, folk, jazz/blues and electronica. At times described as ‘one of a kind’, she’s been compared to such as Annie Lennox, Edie Brickell, Carly Simon, Sade, Enya and Evanescence.

A songwriting partnership with musically renowned Tony Lowe (Composer, Producer, Guitarist), has garnered three Lowe/Fleming albums to date, two of which made the music industry’s GRAMMY® Awards lists 2007 and 2008. Third album ‘Human Sleeping – Dreams 1 to 8’ was released July 2014 on the Sunn Creative label. More recently, Alison contributed lyrics and was ‘the voice of the ghost’, on the Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki symphonic progressive rock album ESP -‘Invisible Din’ released Nov 2016.

Alison continues to write and record out of her studio in Missouri.