Alan Goldsher – Fishing For Pets

Alan Goldsher presents his new release, ‘Fishing For Pets’


Over the last many months, it’s been said time and again — and it probably sounds trite in this context — that the world has irrevocably changed. The way we communicate, the way we walk the streets, the way we eat, the way we breathe…everything.

This includes the way we both entertain and consume entertainment.

My final live music experience, pre-pandemic, was February 14, 2020. Since then, I’ve gone to see just one in-person performance, that being a sublime Ravi Coltrane set at the Jazz Showcase here in Chicago.

As I’m certain is the case with you, I’ve avoided large crowds, especially in areas where social distancing isn’t possible…i.e., music venues. And it breaks my heart. As I’m certain is also the case with you.

This lack of opportunity to experience live entertainment is part of the reason why Gold Note Records and I have dropped so much music over the last two years. Since the pandemic changed everything, we’ve released three albums, three EPs, 14 singles, and two “Greatest Hits” compilations.

This frenzy of work is partly selfish: If we can’t go to the music, we want to bring the music to us.

And, of course, to you.

To that end, we’re proud to present Live at the Lakeview Lounge, and the Lakeview Lounge, is, you won’t be surprised to hear, my basement. We can’t go to the music, so we brought the music to us.

And, of course, to you.

Live at the Lakeview Lounge is a short, simple EP, just four acoustic piano/bass/drums trio jams, each sporting a lounge vibe, jazz grooves, and funk-tinged beats. We tried to create a celebratory sound — riff-oriented, joyous — and we think we succeeded. At the very least, the crowd in my basement was happy.

Listen, we know this EP won’t garner a million streams, nor will it alter the history of music, but we think it’ll give you a 15-minute smile, and that’s good enough for us.

So check it out, and if you dig it — and if you’re so inclined — please spread the word. (And if we may be so brazen, we’re happy to entertain talk of a distribution deal from all you record label folks out there. 😊)

Finally, if you want to discuss the EP, or music, or life in general, hit us up at info@GoldNoteRecords.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Live at the Lakeview Lounge, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe and stay healthy,
Alan Goldsher
Founder & CEO, Gold Note Records