ArtistRack brings to you ‘La Di Da’ by Al Perez

“La Di Da” is the new summertime single and video from singer/songwriter Al Perez. The song will be part of a new fifth album by Perez which is currently being produced. “I Wrote La Di Da about the joys of being on vacation. I’ve been blessed to have traveled to so many tropical destinations; Aruba, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.,” said Perez. “Every time I’m out there with friends or meeting new people, they always say (after a few drinks), why can’t we just live here forever? So, while sitting in a tropical bay with a beautiful woman, I wrote this vacation song. I enlisted the help of a few local Hawaiian musician friends to play on it and we really strived to give it an authentic, smooth island feel.”