3 Way – Thing’s Got Big (prod by Heat Scorcher)(Review)

3 Way - Thing's Got Big (prod by Heat Scorcher)(Review)

Check out this Review of new single titled ‘Thing’s Got Big’ by 3 Way – (Produced by Heat Scorcher)

3 WAY is an EDM artist with a punchy, direct and unique tone. His workflow is absolutely spotless, and his new production sets the bar higher in terms of excellence and energy in his music.

“Thing’s Got Big” is a true banger, produced in collaboration with Heat Scorcher. The song has a driven, direct and forward-thinking tone, making for a stunning and eclectic feel. If you are a fan of artists such as Lil Jon, Far Eat Movement, Steve Aoki or Pitbull, you will love this one.

The song has got plenty of massive low end, making for a fat bass groove and a kick drum that cuts right through the mix. In addition to that, 3 Way really set out to up his game in terms of melodies. This song isn’t just a blast to dance to but it is also a stunning track with a thoughtful and detailed arrangement. “Thing’s Got Big” is the truly perfect combination of the best club vibes, getting together with amazing hooks that won’t get out of your head anytime soon. With the experienced production of Heat Scorcher, 3 Way really took a step further towards realising his full potential as an artist and performer.

You can listen to ‘Thing’s Got Big’ by 3 Way – (Produced by Heat Scorcher) here