Zoë Ferguson – Medicine

Zoë Ferguson introducing brand new single, “Medicine.”

Zoë Ferguson is a singer and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. Her sound is intimate and direct, and her music in the past has often been self-produced, recorded, and published on the web. The DIY approach lends Zoë’s music a really exciting and authentic aura, connecting with the audience through emotional lyrics and astonishing production aesthetics which truly blur the lines between a wide variety of tones. After all, Zoë has been writing music ever since she was just 15 years old, so it is safe to say that she had plenty of time to develop some amazing ideas, and to expand her ever fresh musical vocabulary!

Recently, she released a new single titled “Medicine.” This song will certainly resonate with fans of artists like Bea Miller, Lennon Stella, or Charlotte Lawrence, just to mention but a few. The track combines huge melodies with world-class lyrics, giving an insight into Zoë’s spontaneous approach to songwriting.

Find out more about Zoë Ferguson and listen to “Medicine,” which is now available on Spotify.