Zoë Ferguson – Dip

Zoë Ferguson proudly presents her latest single, ‘Dip’

In 2016, 15-year-old Zoë Ferguson began writing songs as a way to cope with high school experiences and breakups. Her father, musician/singer Bart Ferguson, is a familiar performer in the Portland music scene where Zoë grew up with music and songwriting in her blood. Teaching herself piano, Zoë self-recorded and uploaded some of her tunes to SoundCloud, which launched her journey as an original artist. After she was chosen to participate in Atlantic Records’ EMERGE program, Zoë continued to develop her unique voice, recording demos in a studio where her passion for performance and composition only grew.

With the help of professional producers her sound came to life, and at age 17, her first single as an independent artist, “Dip”, proudly showcases her talents as a singer/songwriter. From years of dedication to honing her craft, Zoë can hardly be called a “newcomer” but the industry and listeners alike can certainly expect to hear more from this emerging talent in the future. Stay tuned!