Zenosyne – The Wrath Of Ronnie Pickering

Zenosyne - Pocket Deity

Zenosyne announcing brand new release, “The Wrath Of Ronnie Pickering”

Zenosyne is a truly one-of-a-kind musical collaboration with a focus on creating modern, dazzling and energetic EDM tracks. Hailing from St. Louis, MO, the project consists of members Lachesis (DJ, producer, singer, guitarist), as well as Con Tron, who plays bass and guitar, as well as producing and DJing.

What’s really interesting about this collaboration is that these talented artists love all kinds of music, and as a result, their sound is never restricted to a specific genre. Their most recent release, “The Wrath Of Ronnie Pickering” is actually a perfect example of what to expect. This project has a lot of balance, yet it showcases the group’s diverse dynamic range, and ability to come up with unique textures and ideas, combining organic elements with clever digital solutions in their workflow.

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