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Xavier Toscano – Runaway

With the video for “Apologies Wasted,” viewers were introduced to Xavier Toscano, an artist whose music and videos are a constant reminder that pop music is music that makes us feel good! His belief that pop music is the soundtrack to our lives is what inspires his constant pursuit of crafting the perfect tune. Songs that would not only fit in on the Top 40 charts, but also ones that stick for years, bringing about a rush of memories just from a few beats, or a sliver of the melody.

His newest single “Runaway” finds the balance between contemporary and timeless. From a production perspective, Xavier delivers a song that throbs, bounces, and weaves as well as anything on the airwaves. At its core, it is a song that is built on a foundation of mesmerizing beats and rhythms while spreading an enticing melody over the top.

It’s not just in the studio that Xavier Toscano exhibits this kind of passion. He’s quickly becoming known in the Bay Area as an artist whose live show delivers an energy that can only come from a performer who wholeheartedly believes in every word, every hit, and every note. One challenge when making music videos is to find a way to capture the natural energy of an artist and translate it to the camera. In the Benjamin Jones-directed video for “Runaway,” Xavier carries the pop music torch and brings down the house with an electrifying performance.


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