WEEKENDER&RUDIGER joined forces on a new release: The Lighthouse

October 2021 – WEEKENDER&RUDIGER is the kind of musical partnership that is always ready to keep a broad creative scope in mind. As a result, their sound is definitely far from anything that you would call predictable. As of recent, the artist put out a new studio work named The Lighthouse, which feels like  a massive example of their unmistakable creative vibe and their ability to renegotiate the relationship between different influences, so that the balance of different ideas in their music is truly outstanding, while still retaining a more immediate, catchy vibe that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. The Lighthouse has a rather hypnotic twist when it comes to the way the rhythm flows, allowing the vocals to sit in effortlessly and giving the audience an experience of sound that is decidedly more layered and interesting, with so much warmth and that pinch of unorthodox flow that makes the melody stand out from others on the scene.

Find out more about these artists, and listen to The Lighthouse, which you should be able to find on some of the very best digital music streaming services out there.