Vita Chambers – His Love


Vita Chambers – His Love: We have nothing but admiration for pop musicians who sign with major labels and work within the system. But we’re particularly inspired by artists who take charge of their own careers and call their own shots — and succeed on those terms. As a teenager, Toronto pop singer-songwriter Vita Chambers toured with Justin Bieber, appeared at the Lilith Fair, scored mainstream Canadian pop hits with “Young Money” and “Like Boom,” and announced herself as an artist on the rise. Stardom seemed imminent. Yet when industry insiders tried to mold Chambers to fit their image of who she was, she told them “no thanks.” Vita Chambers became an independent artist — one dedicated to following her own musical vision — and she’s been rewarded for her courage.

“Fix You,” Chambers’ propulsive and passionately-sung 2013 hit single, was a product of the artist’s new-found independence. The record, which has sold over 350,000 copies worldwide, earned Chambers a Juno nomination. “What If?,” the sizzling follow-up, was similarly praised, scoring Chambers two nominations at the Canadian Music Radio Awards in 2014. Both records reintroduced Chambers as a dance-pop songwriter of great flexibility, empathy, and sophistication, and the cinematic clip that accompanied “Fix You” showcased the star’s stunning beauty and comfort in front of the camera.

Now comes “His Love,” Chambers’s most irresistible recording yet, and the clearest expression of the personal sound she’s been developing since her declaration of independence. Internationally-renowned pop producer Denzil Remedios matches Chambers’s sultry voice with music that swirls and oozes like hot caramel. “His Love” feels likely to establish Vita Chambers as a north-of-the-border answer to Ellie Goulding: a dance-pop voyager whose music fits the club, the radio, and the bedroom equally well.