ArtistRack brings to you ‘NO MORE’ by SWISS FIDDLERS:

The Project
‘NO MORE- War and destruction! In 1853 Charles Gounod arranged the prelude Nr. 1 (BWV 846) by J. S. Bach and gave it a new name, meditation. At the same time, exactly 170 years ago, the Russian empire declared war against the Ottoman empire on the Crimean Peninsula. The political powers of Great Britain and France gathered forces and joined the Ottoman empire as allies.

These atrocities are currently repeating themselves. The inhumane invasion of Russian forces on Ukraine, the 24th of February 2022, have brought destruction, thousands of casualties and wounded, as well as one of the biggest refugee crises since the second World War. International order of peace is at stake, threatened by Russian aggression. Europe’s last war generation silently whispers “no more war”.

The release of the track NO MORE is a musical meditation. A reflection and contemplation to mark the one-year commemoration since the outbreak of war in Europe. This theme lies close to the produces heart. Mirjam Niggli’s Swiss parents are 4th generation immigrants from the Balkan region, her father with Jewish and her mother with Roma heritage. The contemporary interpretation of classical as well as house beats is a collaboration with the artist Max B* aka New Sound, living in the southeast of Ukraine currently under Russian occupation. The two violins were recorded by Hardstudios in Switzerland then mixed and mastered by Matey Hristoskov in Bulgaria. Mirjam and Matey not only co-produce, but also perform together in live concerts. With the release of NO MORE, the producer engages in a new project with a clear anti-war message after the successful chillout – lounge style charity project END RACISM (2021). This piece of music inspires and invites listeners to stand together against war, hate and destruction.

The Artists
Mirjam Niggli is a classical violinist. For her master’s degree she took lessons by Prof. Dr. Jörg Hofmann, Germany. At the young age of thirteen, she started her performing carrier together with her mother, the violinist Madeleine Niggli. Together they toured internationally in Asia, USA, Scandinavia and Europe with their own Gipsy music band the Puszta Company. Through radio and television performances the Puszta Company gained wide public recognition. In 2007 Mirjam founded the Swiss Fiddlers by producing classical and Gipsy music matched with house beats. Together with her mother, Madeleine Niggli, they started out on a new career. The music attracted a wide audience which is fascinated by experiencing virtuoso violin music at both clubs and festivals.