ja!coxk! – Cuero (Like That Like That)

Manningtree, Essex, UK – Friday, 5th July, the music and visual art world is set to be dazzled by the release of “Leatherphoria,” the latest project from the innovative Essex-based EDM artist, ja!coxk!. Known for his eclectic approach to music and visual storytelling, ja!coxk! is thrilled to announce the lead single and music video for “Cuero (Like That Like That)” from the upcoming album, a psychedelic bilingual journey that promises to engage listeners and viewers in a unique auditory and visual experience.

A Psychedelic Journey Through Sound and Leather

“Cuero (Like That Like That)” features the extraordinary talents of Egypt-based German vocalist, Soul Cat, alongside her vocoder doppelganger, blending languages and sounds in a track that’s anything but ordinary. The song is an electrifying mix of EDM beats, vibrant visuals, and an engaging narrative that follows Louise, a leather-clad woman on a fantastical journey of self-discovery and musical adventure.

The music video, directed by ja!coxk! himself, takes viewers on a trip through a world where reality blends with fantasy, guided by a fluorescent, mouth-centric electric oracle. It’s a story of transformation, music, and the sheer joy of leather – encapsulated by the Spanish exclamation “¡Me encanta el cuero!” (“I love leather!”).

Leatherphoria: A Multi-Sensory Experience

The album “Leatherphoria” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a conceptual masterpiece that celebrates leather’s aesthetic pleasure through sound, imagery, and narrative. Featuring a mix of vocoder-only tracks, instrumental takes, and an array of musical styles from acousti-electro stomps to an 18-minute EDM/Neo-classical opus, “Leatherphoria” is a testament to ja!coxk!’s genius and his ability to blend influences ranging from The Moody Blues to Pink Floyd, and from Brian Eno to Deep Purple.

Available in full art digipack CD and complete multimedia USB, “Leatherphoria” is not just an album; it’s an experience, offering listeners and viewers a gateway into ja!coxk!’s unique musical world. The album opens with a polished mix of an instrumental previously aired on BBC Radio Introducing…, setting the stage for a journey through the sonic landscape that ja!coxk! masterfully crafts.

About ja!coxk!

Jai, the multi-instrumentalist producer behind ja!coxk!, has been pushing the boundaries of music and art since 2001. With a background that includes airplay on BBC Radio and live concert installations for improvised dance, Jai has continually explored new territories in music and visual art. His influences are as varied as his music, drawing inspiration from a wide array of artists and genres, ensuring that “Leatherphoria” will be a landmark release in the world of EDM and beyond.

Join the Leatherphoria Experience

Music fans, art enthusiasts, and adventurers alike are invited to join ja!coxk! on this unique journey. “Leatherphoria” promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the unifying power of music. Mark your calendars for Friday, 5th July, and prepare to experience “Leatherphoria” – where music, art, and the love of leather collide in an unforgettable adventure.