Tyrone Nell – Beautiful

Tyrone Nell announces the release of his new single, ‘Beautiful’

Music has always been a dream for me, however, suppressed by childhood trauma. I was molested, abused, and felt abandoned as a child.

At age 18 I was kicked out of the house for coming out as gay. The music dreams had faded and I ventured on into the world fighting to survive.

At times I felt like a lost soul, but deep down inside I knew that there’s purpose to my experience.

Thanks to some special people who crossed my path and awoke me to my true potential, I decided to pursue my music dreams two years ago.

Right now I am balancing running my own digital marketing business, hosting a podcast called AlternateScapes, and working on creating music in Johannesburg.

It’s been a wonderful journey that has helped me learn, heal & grow.

My life’s mission is to inspire unconditional love within people towards themselves and others. It’s something the world needs more of. And I hope that my music does just that.

We’re currently working on our second track, Human, which will release in the next two months.