Tripping Jupiter – The Rhythm Falls

Tripping Jupiter presenting the visuals for, ‘The Rhythm Falls’

It’s Landed. My Debut Single & Music Video “The Rhythm Falls” has arrived Earthside! Thanks to record producer Brab Morrison, bassist Gail Ann Dorsey and Director Ben Hallman for helping bring this song to life.

MADSTONE ROWAN, lead singer and main songwriter for Tripping Jupiter, is a magical being from another planet who’s come to earth to give us music. Madstone prefers they/them/us pronouns – embraces the gender non-binary and also that magical power that connects us all. Since arriving, Madstone has kicked around the United States playing with various bands and has opened for acts such as Bow Wow Wow and Berlin on their recent reunion tours. They’ve recorded with members of Bowie and Lenny Kravitz’s band and mixing engineers and producers who’ve got platinum albums behind them for working with such acts as Blondie and Rhianna.

What drives Madstone is the need to create and connect. Putting Tripping Jupiter together has enabled the extraterrestrial ingenue to communicate a message of newness and hope, pushing the boundaries of modern rock and pop to the limits while inviting their audience along for the ride. Madstone has said “our audience and listeners aren’t consumers just listening to a song or watching a show, they’re a part of what we do and the energy that sparks us to keep creating and playing”.

Currently, Madstone and the Tripping Jupiter troupe is putting the finishing touches on their debut album, “Lipstick of the Brave”. 13 tracks of delicious musical madness that reflect the diversity and talent of this unique act. Their debut single “The Rhythm Falls” hits the streaming world on January 11th, along with an otherworldly video that shows Madstone at their Madstone-iest.

Look for live performances from the Tripping Jupiter folks in Spring of 2022. Coming soon to a galaxy near you.