Trick the Riddle – Undertow

Trick the Riddle releasing “Undertow,” a new single along with the Official Music Video

Trick the Riddle is an alternative music project based in New York. The act’s influences are incredibly diverse, as the music blurs the lines between different styles and genre definitions. From the gritty aesthetics of 90s grunge, to the haunting melodies of emo and indie music, anything goes!

Recently, Trick the Riddle managed to release a brand new video for his single named “Undertow.”

This artful music video was created by Luke Vichnis, and it is a really beautiful example of stop-motion animation. What’s really amazing about this release is definitely the fact that the sequences were created exclusively through the night, making for a really distinctive visual effect.

The beautiful nocturnal aesthetics really match the atmosphere of the song, enhancing the listening experience with some amazing visuals.

Find out more about Trick the Riddle, and listen to “Undertow” via Youtube, where the video is currently available