Tribe Franko – Feel Like This

Tribe Franko has recently released a new work: “Feel Like This”

August 2022 – Tribe Franko is a dance artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is on a quest to bring freshness and innovation to the music scene. In order to do that, he has channeled a diverse range of styles and influences into his music by combining African grooves and traditional rhythms with the punch of modern EDM. In particular, his recent release, “Feel Like This”, stands out as a great example of what Tribe Franko is aiming to accomplish (and succeeding at it as well!)

The unique edge of this release immediately stands out. On one hand, there is a highly energetic approach to it, which makes the music memorable and easy to relate to. On the other, there is a lot of nuance to the arrangement, which makes it so special and surprising.

Tribe Franko’s “Feel Like This” is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Boddhi Satva, Culoe De Song, Abicah Soul, Mough Mokgerehli, Chronixx, and Bob Marley, among others.

Find out more about Tribe Franko, and listen to “Feel Like This”. This release is currently available on the best digital streaming services.