Tom Tikka &The Missing Hubcaps – Doormat

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Doormat’ by Tom Tikka &The Missing Hubcaps

Tom Tikka, the former Sony/BMG songwriter, best known for his work with Carmen Gray & The Impersonators, began his solo career in 2020 and has since released three critically-acclaimed albums: “This Is My Happy Face”, “Better Man” & “Rainbows And Dead Flowers”.

Tikka has been featured on Huffington’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Melody Maker Magazine, Ballroom Blitz, The Hollywood Digest, VENTS Magazine and many others, while his music videos have won at film festivals around the world. Tikka is also a two-time ISSA Award winner as well as a Josie Music Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee.

“Doormat” was Tom Tikka’s first #1 hit single as a solo artist. Explaining the song’s origins, Tikka said in a 2021 Indie Pulse interview: “Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and ‘Doormat’ is very much about the lack of it. It’s an angry, revenge song. The song’s not so much about the heartbreak, than it is about getting even with someone who has hurt you. This is a theme that isn’t dealt with a whole lot in rock songs anymore but a theme that was quite common in old blues tunes, as well as in the classic rock of the sixties.”