Todd Barrow – Gonna Drive

Behind the song “Gonna Drive” by Todd Barrow

I wrote this song to inspire all artists, bands and musicians. My passion is to get in front of an audience play music and make the connection on a personal level. Nothing like a venue filled with people having a good time with your music. The term gig is getting booked for a live show/event to perform at your best leaving the crowd with an experience they never forget. My song is from the country artist perspective out of a small town doing live shows. Artists need a way to express their art in a open way. That means real flesh and blood on stage with other humans engaged in the sound they are producing. Take a trip with me going to the next town for another show seeing hearts lifted and wanting more of it. Things have opened up here in Texas so I’m out doing many gigs these days. Incredible things are happening at various dive bars, country clubs and restaurants. My message to all musicians prepare to get back out there and strut your stuff. Never forget the purpose of your talent and share your songs with a lot of love behind it. Take this time to make your instruments sound the best they can. Check over all your gear to insure your equipped for the next event. It’s coming soon!!!